About Us

The whole purpose of life is to pursue positive change that will “Build a Better Version of the Best You.”

Hello, I am Theodore R White. I bring to you ” TW Be You Paradise.” This whole concept came about a few years ago. When I left the stability of a 20 plus year career at a popular national grocery chain in the United States.

I was in Hot pursuit of a dynamic future in Real Estate Investing. But little did I know, I was going to be thrust down another pathway which included e-commerce, Network affiliate marketing, and Forex Trading. In all of those endeavors, after I left my job for so many years, I never had a sense of fulfillment. I still felt as if I was trapped in the same circle to never get out of it. It wasn’t until I met a mentor in one of the business opportunities that I learned the secret to getting anything you want. 

Loretta Ward, Pictured Above.

Her name was Loretta Ward.

She introduced me to the teachings of Bob Proctor in “You Were Born Rich.” The crazy part was all of these concepts were familiar to me yet newly discovered. Bob talked about how the subconscious mind controls the outcome of our lives. That particular programming was controlling us once put in that area of the mind. Bob’s teaching truly opened up my mind to a whole new level of life. The craziest part was the fact that the teachings introduced me to another great teacher, Napoleon Hill. 

Napoleon Hill was the original teacher of the prosperity consciousness and living life with a positive mental attitude. This was through his groundbreaking book “Think and Grow Rich” which was published in 1937. With all this new information being is known to me now. I made it my life’s work to share those particular concepts plus the search for life purpose. 

From Left: Wife Shenettie, Daughter Anna, Me, Theodore R White

I reside in Atlanta, Georgia

With my wife of almost 12 years Shenettie, and Daughter Anna. I look to share with all who I care about, which is everyone. You’re all my brothers and sisters, not just during our Personal Development Journey. The keys to helping you on your journey.  At the age of 43, it’s very interesting to go down this path. As you continue to read the words, see the pictures & watch the videos enjoying us on our journey together. I know that the impact will be substantial.

We are here to help you “Build a Better Version of the Best You.”

These positive changes will help develop a renewed sense, or frankly, a life purpose.

This is the key to having everything you want out of life be it Financial, be it personal happiness, be a relationship, or no matter what this will help you get there. 

As always have an Amazingly Blessed, Tremendously Prosperous, Positively Peaceful, and Magnificently Abundant Life.

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